Welcome Authors


Reasons to write.

Given how much we invest, it's fair to expect more than a handful of people who tend to share our last name, to read our work. Authors shouldn’t need connections, to be marketing gurus or famous, to make writing a book worthwhile. With incentives to write like readers and revenue, Litbrowser.com hopes to inspire a growing volume of books worth reading.

How Litbrowser.com helps.

We're a showcase and reputable sales venue for the works of independent authors. You retain all rights to your manuscript, set your cover price, and just over 93% is direct-deposited into your PayPal account (opened through a link on-site) whenever a copy of your book is purchased in The Lit Outlet Store. You can discuss your work with your readers and apply their feedback; revisions are free. As a budding literary hub, Litbrowser.com affords writers inclusion in a diverse collection of original writing with the impact to generate buzz and traffic  A non-profit, free to post and join, the site's pure motives and novel offerings are poised for a warm reception that translates to media endorsements and income for authors. Our members also tend to come with family and friends who buy books and spread word. It all takes pressure off, so you can spend less time marketing and write more. 

How it works.

We've made it simple: upload your book and create your cover by following a few, clearly-outlined steps. When you click POST, your book goes on sale in The Lit Outlet Store in the categories you designate. Each time a copy is purchased, you receive just over 93% of the cover price in your Personal PayPal account. Your book will also appear in Launches and on the Home Page. You'll have your own Book and Author's Pages which you can customize: post a synopsis, excerpt, your bio, links to social media, blogs and podcasts. Member authors are encouraged to use all fair and legal means to promote their books.

What’s in it for us?

As member authors, we share your goals. We look forward to a readership and to the company and informed perspectives of our fellow Lits. With a vested interest in making Litbrowser.com a household name, we do all we can to that end. Like you, we stand to profit from the strength in numbers, and the only financial gain we derive from this site, is from the sale of our own work. The internet is great for spreading word and bringing people together; ultimately we hope to  be among a growing number of writers quitting their day jobs.

Litbrowser.com offerings include:

Showcase and prime sales venue for independent authors * Over 93% of book's cover price is direct-deposited into the author's account after every purchase * Exposure and revenue * Connects authors to readers * Firsthand feedback * Strength in numbers * Authors' viability project attracts media and public support * Less selling means more time to write * User-friendly interface * Terms and Conditions drafted by a reputable internet law firm ensure optimal protection for authors and their manuscripts.