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Authors uncovered. is a literary hub and virtual marketplace for indie authors. The site aims to inspire great reads in volume with solid incentives to write like readers and revenue at the finish line.  Member authors gain a free showcase, marketing platform and prime sales venue for their work. After every purchase of their book in The Lit Outlet Store, 93% of the author's elected cover price is deposited into their personal PayPal account opened through a link on-site. There are no strings: writers retain all rights to their manuscripts. Firsthand feedback from their readers enables authors to speak to them. All revisions are free. Readers can uncover talent and spread word by sharing their finds. 

Volumes unshelved. Most of the books on this site won’t be found on a shelf, are non-published or self-published e-books. A work in progress, initially you won't recognize names and titles, but the point is to give credit where it's due. As diverse as their work, the authors on this site have a few things in common: they've invested years and their all, hope and deserve to be read, and would much rather be writing than looking for a publisher.

The whole story. Bring your own narrative to a discussion in The Lit Room. It's where members meet to swap insights and POVs, speak to themes, plots and characters, get the subtext and acquainted. A 24 hour book club, we're always open to your perspective.

Authors and readers on the same page.  We're a haven for everyone who appreciates a good read. Considering how much authors, readers and books stand to gain, it's high time we talked and pooled our resources.

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Good news for writers.

Our members read, buy books, and so do many of their friends. You retain all rights to your manuscript: authors are encouraged to take advantage of every legal, ethical opportunity to promote and sell their work. When someone buys your book in The Lit Outlet Store, 93% of the cover price you've indicated, is direct-deposited into your PayPal account opened through a link on site. Posting is simple and includes an app we're very proud of, for designing your cover. Your uploaded book is displayed and ready for purchase in up to three categories or genres in our store. Posting also generates your own Book and Author pages which you personalize, plus you receive a formal introduction in Launches. You can talk to your readers and apply their feedback -- tweak, revise or rewrite -- free of charge.  Your private log-in page confidentially records and lets you track your sales. A non-profit providing essential services and benefits to the literary community,'s pure motives attract media and public support. The novelty and variety of original writing generate buzz and traffic. It all takes pressure off, so you spend less time marketing, and can write and sell more. You benefit from the strength in numbers and a galvanizing meeting of literary minds.




Perks for readers gives you access to a rare selection of original writing in your genres of choice. All the words are the authors' except for the last which is yours. Here, you decide which books deserve your time and attention. You can talk to the authors and might find your feedback reflected in the writing. Share your thoughts and bond with like minds in The Lit Room. On a budget? The Lit Outlet Store's prices are a gift. Your purchases buy authors time and incentive to write, hone their craft and your choice of books. is non-profit. There’s no charge to post or join.

1% of every purchase helps maintain the site, just over 5% goes to PayPal, and the rest goes directly to the author. 

Books bind.

Get the inside story in The Lit Room. Discussions may be heated, the wisdom, unconventional, the threads, relevant and engaging. There is one statement no one on this site is likely to challenge: books are the best food for thought, conversation and kinship.


Literally priceless.

The books are practically free. The cost is no reflection of value. It’s hard to put a price on the content of these works or the time, thought and heart that produced them. 


Lending voices ears.

Authors start off as readers. They tend to marinate for years in others’ writing and dabble a while, before going the distance. Few journeys are as daunting or gratifying as writing a book. When you finish yours, we’ll make sure it’s worth the trip. Till then, please read generously. 

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