The Audric Experiment

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Can we create a world with no depression?
In 2328 England, they did just that. They call their society Audric – a place where there is no depression because of cybernetics, and where bad decisions are met with a bracelet-shock and a mind-altering dream.
Pierre Morena, the only seventeen year old who has never been shocked by his bracelet, wakes up in an infirmary with no memory of why. It seems a Christian group, permitted by the Audric government, took an interest in him, and the Audric Earnings Authority may want him dead. What follows is his quest to survive, befriending a beautiful mysterious girl who possesses some of the answers he needs, and uncovering secrets that are as close to him as his own family. But before Pierre leaves the infirmary, he may have to cut a secret deal with Audric because Pierre is about to have his first bracelet-shock.
Filled with twists, philosophy, and a story that is as engaging as it is thought provoking, The Audric Experiment will have you reading deep into the night to find out what will happen to the only seventeen year old who everyone thinks has never been shocked by his bracelet. See more details below

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The heavyset man in the Harley Davidson leather jacket kissed a crucifix and withdrew an inoperative Uzi submachine gun.  He’d done this before many times.  The crucifix was his motive and the gun was his negotiator.  The gun’s motorcycle holster, similar to his jacket, was a twentieth century relic.  His eyes ran up his shadow like him, stoic as an eleven foot monolith – then over his Casio timepiece.  It was 1:05.  His allies slowed their motorcycles behind him as if coming upon the crushing thumb of God.

“For our creed,” the man announced.

Within the facility, Kalpana Bishop heard the man outside.  A lifetime as an Audric Compliant, she had done this countless times too, never defecting.  Perhaps, now, was her turn.  Eight others, Audric Compliant like her, some less familiar with these doings, tried to make their widened eyes inconspicuous, the line for the bracelet removal contrivance shrinking dramatically. 

Kalpana let go of a sigh.  Each of their faces a lost jewel, she recited inside.  “Faces like lost jewels” was her mantra.  It seemed fitting after a lifetime of serotonin boosts.  Audric had treated their souls like a science experiment.  An opinion shared by many who kept quiet as she did, especially when faced with the claims of success Audric touted regularly.

“Ms. Bishop.  Audric Compliant,” the woman beside the bracelet removal machine said.  “Please read the statement written on the wall in front of you.”

There was a paragraph illuminated and written in blue on the wall.  Kalpana read: “I have faithfully served our government, Audric, and the codes outlined in The Financially Prudent World by Genesis Smith.  I am aware that Audric is a free society.  If another party wishes to enlist my allegiance, I can abandon Audric, at this time, if I wish.” 

“Put your bracelet in the machine,” the woman droned.  A trail of quelled sweat hid on her upper cheek.  Otherwise, she could have been a robot. 

Kalpana could feel a metal plate sliding under her chrome bracelet, and the hum of the machine cutting it off.  Out of curiosity, Kalpana nearly asked for a dream view.  The word was if one did watch their dreams they could become mentally ill.  Kalpana was skeptical of that and everything else Audric claimed -- as usual.

It happened in an instant.  The men strode in behind the man in the Harley Davidson leather jacket.  His mottled eyes were determined.  Perhaps it was his theistic beard, perhaps the screaming emergency red on his jacket, but in that instant he and Kalpana didn’t agree.  She’d stay an Audric Compliant as most had decided suited them after the financial collapse several decades ago.  When Barnaby Brown took office, he’d sworn to lead them all to Heaven, physically and spiritually.  Most people agreed he was the closest thing they had to a Savior. 

Some didn’t.

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