Originated Under Twin Suns

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What if the Voyager space craft's iconic information plaque fell into the possession of a species of sentient rocks and they interpreted the content as wisdom and guidance for behavior?

Frobs, just such a species, struggle to stabilize their society- with less than encouraging results-when the Voyager plaque unceremoniously lands on their planet, mounted as the heat shield on an invasive spacecraft. Once the splattered invader pilot has been properly crated up, Frob researchers, with the assistance of some sleazy interstellar consultants, attempt to extract information from the vandalized disk.

The two factions of planet Frobzb's ruling body argue mightily about everything: why their society is failing, what actions to take, the identity and intentions of the invader, what nutritives to suck up their pucker and, of course, what to do about one uniquely troublesome Frob named Gerfnit. In desperation, they launch a mission to Urrth, a planet of peace and harmony, the role model they hope will provide the answer to their fatal societal problems. Who will they assign to lead the mission? Who else but Gerfnit, quick learner who remembers everything and the only Frob with seven ometers.

Readers of all ages love unusual heroes. Originated Under Twin Suns is an epic social, political and sexual satire, the story of the origin of the reluctant but brilliant Frob who becomes Earth's defender.
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In 1977, the United States launched a spacecraft named Voyager 1 to explore the outer reaches of our solar system.  Attached to the Voyager probe was a gold-plated copper phonograph record containing digitized versions of one hundred eighteen photographs, ninety minutes of music, and greetings in almost sixty languages.  This information was intended as an introduction of Earth to any extraterrestrial species that might find the record.

What if we succeeded, and an alien species found one of these disks?  What would they think about us, and how would they react?

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