Love Builds A Nest in Our Park

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by Richard French - Meet the author

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Imagine that you’re walking through a park and talking to someone you’re in a relationship with and you both need to work out certain things. Or pretend that you’re on a solitary stroll along the park’s paths and you’re trying to decide what you must do to repair or end a relationship.
The 21 prose sketches in this collection describe situations like these two. The first is about two refugees from an African war; the last features a young man and woman that includes a surprise for her. In between are such people as an actress awaiting the arrival of a potential suitor and two dancers who astonish an audience at a play.
I hope these vignettes will provoke thought or discussion. What do the people do well or poorly? What might they do to improve their situations. Perhaps one of these sketches will bring you a useful insight.
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Toronto’s High Park, the largest in the city, is both serviceable and beautiful. The sketches in this collection all began during walks I took through the park a few springs ago and in the early weeks of the cool summer that followed. In a few of the pieces, I put in items I invented that no one will find in the park or thought up incidents that couldn’t possibly take place there.  R. F.

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